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Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, with a population of 10 million included in the greater metropolitan area.  85.50% of the population is Muslim. Known as the “City of Heroes,” Surabaya is considered the most peaceful and comfortable metropolitan city compared to other cities in Indonesia. There is almost no violence or religious-based conflict in the City of Heroes.

  1. Pray for God to raise up heroes of faith in the city of Surabaya. Many of the great servants of God in Indonesia come from Surabaya.  
  2. Pray that through the presence of the churches in Surabaya, many people will come to faith in God and experience His great love for them.
  3. Pray for access to the Holy Scripture in all 12 languages spoken in Surabaya. Pray for the Jesus Film to be translated into Indonesian Sign Language, Peranakan-Indonesian, Kangean, and Tengger. Pray for the Bible to be translated into Kangean.
  4. Pray for the churches in Surabaya to unite and to fund evangelism and outreach to all language groups in the area. 
  5. Pray for God’s protection and mercy over children and women. Pray for a decrease in sexual violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. Pray for recovery from trauma for those who have become victims. 
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